Get to Know Sue


Sue has over three decades of experience within the hair industry, and wanted a Q&A rather than writing all about her ...

Q: How do you welcome new clients to Nasus?

"Exactly the same way as all of my regular clients; with all the attention they can cope with from beginning to end. After all, it is for them, a pamper time, their treat, their solace, a place to find solutions, inspiration, happiness and most importantly the best possible end result."

Q: What makes you smile at work?

"Making my clients happy."

Q: When did you realise hairdressing was the career for you?

"From a very early age when cutting & styling all my dolls hair, then moving onto friends in my teens, I can honestly say I have always enjoyed learning, researching and creating with hair."

Q: What is your strategy when consulting clients?

"I couldn't give you an exact strategic pointer, every client is as special and as different as the next. All I know is, that my main aim is to help them achieve their vision and make them all very happy."


"For months my hair had been a disaster and now it hasn’t looked this good for a very long time!

Now I’ve found Susan, I know that it’s in much safer hands. She has bags of experience and is a super lovely person to boot so I’ll definitely be going back plus recommending her to friends in the area. Thanks again, Susan. See you soon!"



Invest in your hair, it's the crown you never take off.


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